BONVILLE William J. - A Traveler’s Highway to Heaven.

Année de parution: 2007
Langue: Anglais English en

(USA. King, SynergEbooks. 2007) : "Exploring the History & Culture of Northern Spain on El Camino de Santiago".

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  • Mai 2009
    BONVILLE William J. - A Traveler’s Highway to Heaven.
    par Bernard 64

    A Traveler’s Highway to Heaven ; adds historical and cultural meat to the bones of the hiker s happily convivial El Camino experience. Of even more import, the book enables that experience for the traveler who yearns to course El Camino de Santiago but is physically incapable of handling the rigors of walking the eight hundred kilometers of the Way. For others, it turns a touristy lark between the running of the bulls in Pamplona, and encountering St. James at Master Mateo s Portico de la Gloria, into a sharing of the after El Camino experience that the hiker cum pilgrim generally claims all for himself.

    This book is for travelers with a taste for history and an interest in how things they see got to be the way they are. What it is about is an exploration of what long tradition calls the Highway to Heaven, El Camino de Santiago - a motor-walking junket guided by that highway across Northern Spain. The history in this book focuses on the famed pilgrimage road, El Camino de Santiago, the Way of St. James. It is an ancient route that courses through rugged mountains and across often-desolate plains for eight hundred kilometers, from the French border to a few steps from land’s end at the Atlantic Ocean. A thousand years ago that pilgrimage brought all of Europe plodding across Northern Spain in search of salvation at the tomb of an Apostle of Christ.