RAJU Alison - Via de la Plata. The Way of Saint James : Seville/Granada to Santiago.

Année de parution: 2005
Langue: Anglais English en
(GBR. Milnthorpe, Cicerone. 2005) : de Séville ou Grenade à Santiago par Orense.
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  • Mai 2010
    RAJU Alison - Via de la Plata. The Way of Saint James : Seville/Granada to Santiago.
    par Bernard Delhomme

    Product Description

    A walker’s guide to the southern pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela. This Camino Mozarabe de Santiago, or Via de la Plata as it is also known, starts in either Seville (1000km) or Granada (1175km) and leads north and northwest along paths and old tracks through Extremadura, Castillle and Galicia. The route is suitable for mountain bikes. It is the only original guide to this route in English, and complements the two new Cicerone guides covering the Way of St James from Le Puy to Santiago by the same author. As well as giving directions for walking the route, with notes for cyclists, the book also provides information on places to visit along the way, the history of the pilgrimage and the availability of practical facilities such as shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation. There is a list of suggestions for further reading and a glossary of geographical and other useful terms. It also contains a series of sketch maps covering the entire route to aid the user in planning his or her journey.

    About the Author

    Alison Raju is a former teacher of French, German and Spanish to adults and the author of four pilgrim guides for walkers published by Cicerone Press : Way of St. James : Le Puy to the Pyrenees, (2nd edition 2003) Way of St. James : Pyrenees-Santiago-Finisterre (3rd edition 2003), Via de la Plata : Seville/Granada-Santiago (2nd edition 2005) and the Pilgrim Road to Nidaros (Oslo-Trondheim, 2001.) A walker’s guide to the Via Francigena, the classic pilgrim road from Canterbury to Rome, is in preparation. A chance viewing of a television programme in the early 1970’s lead to Alison’s interest in the Pilgrim Road to Santiago, at that time barely known in Britain. A walker most of her life she had the opportunity to walk the 1000 mile camino from Le Puy-en-Velay to Santiago all in one go in 1990, a time which coincided, fortuitously, with Cicerone Press seeking an author to write an original guide in English to the Spanish section of the route. Since then Alison has walked and explored many of the pilgrim roads through Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal) as well as those she has written about. Her other interests include music and she plays the French horn.

  • Mai 2009
    RAJU Alison - Via de la Plata.
    par Bernard 64

    A walker’s guide to the southern pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. Nearly 1000km long, the Camino mozarabe, orVia de la Plata, starts in Seville or Granada and leads north and then northwest through the historic towns and varied scenery of Extremadura, Castille and Galicia. Most of it is also suitable for mountain (but not touring) bikes.

    . Description of the route, with clear mapping

    . continuation of the route from Santiago to Finisterre (75km)

    . summary of Santiago and other pilgrim references along the way

    . glossary of geographical and other useful items. This is the only published guide to include the Granada-Merida section of the route.