BRIERLEY John - Camino Finisterre (A Pilgrim’s guide to the).

Année de parution: 2014
Langue: Anglais English en Espagnol Español Spanish es

(GBR. Moray, Findhorn Press. 2014) : "Santiago - Finisterre - Muxia".

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  • Janvier 2014
    BRIERLEY John - Camino Finisterre (A Pilgrim’s guide to the).
    par Bernard Delhomme

    Santiago • Finisterre • Muxía
    96 pages paperback with 100 colour maps and illustrations
    The only guidebook to the Camino Finisterre and its Muxía extension written in both English and Spanish, this reference contains all the information needed by modern-day pilgrims wishing to walk this sacred road.

    Overview route planners plus daily stage maps and detailed town plans help sojourners with as much advance preparation as they need. The maps feature contour guides to help distinguish the terrain that will be crossed each day, while full information on all pilgrim hostels, as well as details for alternative
    accommodation, allow travelers to plot adequate nightly stopping points.

    All reference information is accompanied by helpful spiritual guidelines to support the seeker’s inner journey as well as the outer pilgrimage. Newly updated to include the latest maps and photos, this lightweight guide fits into a walker’s pocket for carefree traveling.

  • Mai 2010
    BRIERLEY John - Camino Finisterre (A Pilgrim’s guide to the).
    par Bernard Delhomme

    100 pages paperback in full colour including *Overview route planner *5 daily stage maps showing optional routes *Map of Cabo Finisterre indicating local walks around the headland *5 Contour guides *List of pilgrim hostels and alternative accommodation *5 Town plans *Historical notes and places of special interest. In addition to the physical route there are pointers to the *Mystical path with *Inspirational quotations space for *Personal reflections. All this designed to fit easily into your pocket (2009 editions have been trimmed down to 11.5cm x 21cm (4.5” x 8.2”) for even lighter weight on the path).

    Now bilingual English/Spanish

  • Avril 2010
    BRIERLEY John - Camiño de Fisterra (A Pilgrim’s guide to the).
    par Bernard Delhomme

    Nueva guía en inglés de John Brierley centrada en esta ocasión en las etapas que cubren el recorrido entre Santiago, Finisterre y Muxía.

    Contiene mapas de etapa, planos urbanos, rutas alternativas, información básica y alojamiento para peregrinos, más de 100 fotografías a color y notas históricas.