KELLY Gerald - Camino de Santiago, Practical Preparation and Background.

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  • Octobre 2012
    KELLY Gerald - Camino de Santiago, Practical Preparation and Background.
    par Bernard Delhomme

    This guide to preparation for the Camino de Santiago contains the following :

    Planning and Preparation : advice on when to walk, which part to walk, what to bring (clothes, equipment, etc.), what not to bring (very important), travel to your starting point, internet resources and budgeting.
    On the Camino : advice and information about what to expect on the Camino. Terrain, waymarkings, accommodation, food and drink, money matters, keeping in touch (telephone, internet, etc.), health – with advice on staying healthy and accessing the Spanish health service, Camino administration, etiquette and safety – staying safe and planning for any eventuality.

    The Caminos : information about the other Caminos, a list of book about the Caminos (unfortunately, many of which aren’t available in English) and Camino statistics with the most popular starting points, nationalities, routes and busiest months.

    History : the aim of the History section is to give you an understanding of the historical background to the Camino and the role it played in the foundation of modern Spain and Europe. It contains a history of Spain and a history of the Camino from its beginnings to its revival in the late 20th century. There’s also an account of life on the Camino in the middle-ages and the types of people who walked then, their motivations and the hardships and hazards they faced.

    Society, Culture & Environment : gives a brief outline of the fascinating mosaic that is modern Spain, its politics, culture and peoples. The natural environment of northern Spain and the impact of the Camino on it. A description of the architectural styles and periods you’ll see along the Camino.

    Communicating : advice on making yourself understood and understanding others, with a Menu Guide to help you decipher menus and the most useful Spanish words and phrases for Camino life plus a few phrases in Basque and Galician.

    Glossary : a concise reference for many Camino-related persons and things.

    2012 edition : some typos and errors corrected and Camino statistics updated