METRAS Michael - Walking Life.

Année de parution: 2006
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(USA. : "Meditations on the Pilgrimage of Life". récit (en)

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  • Mars 2011
    METRAS Michael - Walking Life.
    par Bernard Delhomme

    Walking Life : Meditations on the Pilgrimage of Life is a book of meditations illustrated with photos from pilgrimage walks. It asks you to meditate on how you are walking through your life. It is about walking one step at a time and the quality of our walk and what we can do to improve that walk. Inspired by several long walks in Spain along the Camino de Santiago and its companion, the Via de la Plata, Walking Life considers lessons learned throughout life and reinforced during these walks and applies them to our daily walk through life, our pilgrimage from life to death and beyond. It asks questions and suggests meditations to help improve that walk.