WIEGMAN Neal - Walking the Way.

Année de parution: 2009
Langue: Anglais English en
(USA. Nacogdoches, WingSpan Press. 2009) : "A Medieval Quest". roman (en)
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  • Mai 2010
    WIEGMAN Neal - Walking the Way.
    par Bernard Delhomme

    The author’s trek along the 500-mile pilgrimage across the Way of Saint James inspired this historical novel about what the journey must have been like during its medieval heyday. Two thorns from Jesus’ Crown of Thorns have been stolen from a monastery in the Pyrenees. The quest for these holy relics sends an 18-year-old Basque named Xavier on an odyssey over the length of the Camino. Xavier shares his adventures with two Italian priests, characters based on actual historical figures. One of them published a memoir and the most vivid passages are quoted in the novel, as are sections of the Liber Sancti Jacobi, the earliest pilgrim guidebook. Walking the Way with Xavier will provide a foundation for understanding the pilgrimage road to Santiago in the 21st century.