HALL Russell J. , HALL Peg Rooney - Second Wind on the Way of Saint James.

Année de parution: 2013
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(USA. Gainesville, Lighthall Books. 2013) : "A Novel". roman. (en)

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  • Novembre 2013
    HALL Russell J. , HALL Peg Rooney - Second Wind on the Way of Saint James.
    par Bernard Delhomme

    Second Wind is a story of the beauty and power of the Camino, and its influence on the people who walk it. It is a tale of old friends and wildlife naturalists, Bert Charles and Helen Morgia, who are at the turning points in their
    lives when the successes and failures of career and marriage are mostly in the past and the “what next” question looms. They walk the Camino together, unsure of what, if anything, they are seeking. Will the Camino help them find their second wind ?

    Two friends walk the Camino de Santiago, unsure of what they are seeking. Without knowing it, they are on the verge of a second coming of age that may change how they move into the years ahead.
    For a thousand years people have been funneling into northern Spain from all over Europe. Their goal has been Santiago de Compostela, the shrine of Saint James the Apostle. Often they sought forgiveness of sins, or miraculous recovery from illness. Whether or not they found what they were seeking, the journey became a voyage of discovery. Release from the cares and hardships of everyday life brought peace of mind and self-awareness. Modern pilgrims, too, regardless of their initial goals, gain insights about the past and present that may lead to fuller and more rewarding futures. Maybe our characters will be able to count themselves among the lucky ones.
    Will they find their second wind ? Will they glimpse a better future, and will they discover it in each other ? Echoing the experiences of dozens of real-life peregrinos, this story weaves their tales together in a fictional narrative. Although it is not a romance, readers may find that it is a love story.