HOWELL Mary J. - Murielle’s Angel.

Année de parution: 2013
Langue: Anglais English en

(GBR. Aberystwyth , Cinnamon Press. 2013) : roman. (en)

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  • Novembre 2013
    HOWELL Mary J. - Murielle’s Angel.
    par Bernard Delhomme

    Forty-eight year old Rosemary Wallace, for reasons that escape her, becomes an uncertain pilgrim - "I can’t go on this way or that way or any way at all. I am just walking." What unfolds in Murielle’s Angel, in prose that mirrors the pace of the walk, is a collection of stories that interweave as step after step is taken.- an angry young man, a tall blond stranger, an avuncular Spanish poet, a doctor accosted by a man in the village of Casanova who wants her to be his and wants a kiss ‘on account’ and the enigmatic Murielle, whose drawings invert perception.