KEANE Michael - Hiking to Hell and Back.

Année de parution: 2012
Langue: Anglais English en

(USA. Edina, Epic Press. 2012) : récit (en)

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  • Novembre 2015
    KEANE Michael - Hiking to Hell and Back.
    par Bernard Delhomme

    Enclosed neatly between the covers of this book, more trials and tribulations, triumphs and turnabouts await the reader than you could shake a hiking staff at. Unlike other authors of famed books about legendary trails, Michael Keane actually completes his pilgrimages before writing a book-twice, in the case of El Camino de Santiago. The medieval Way of St. James crosses Europe to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, to the cathedral tomb of St. James the Greater (apostle and patron of pilgrims and of Spain). Adelante ! Por Dios y Santiago ! Enjoy the journals of these journeys, physical and metaphysical, and without any bleeding or blistering on your part. If you wish to follow in the writer’s footsteps, reading these pages may save you much needless physical suffering and psychic pain. If reading these pages causes you pain, you can enjoy the author’s suffering more. You can’t lose. Between his first and second Camino, the author completed circling the Earth on earth, hiking wherever great or grand suggested, from the Grand Canyon in a day to the Great Wall of China for a day to the Great White Way in a day (Bronx/Yonks line to Battery), and including all of Ireland, of course. Next he backpacked across America, Florida to Canada, up the murderously, monstrously mountainous Appalachian Trail, before publishing a book, A Voice in the Wilderness. On the wildest journey of all, he traveled from agnostic to gnostic to knowing Him who looked for him to look for Him in Spain...