MCHUGH Terry - I have walked 500 miles.

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  • Décembre 2019
    MCHUGH Terry - I have walked 500 miles.
    par Bernard Delhomme

    Join the author on the slopes of Monte del Gozo on a cold, dark autumn morning in 2013. He is about to complete the last few kilometers of his pilgrimage ; El Camino de Santiago. Follow him on his journey as he returns home to Belfast, Ireland, full of renewed faith that will melt like the Winter snows in spring. Life deals him and his family a rough hand that he struggles to come to terms with. Over the next two years, he strives to rekindle his belief in God and eventually, in the spring of 2015, he returns to the Camino in an attempt to find the peace of mind he found on his first pilgrimage. Enjoy his return as he walks with a devout, sincere priest who strengthens and nourishes his faith. Although of different religions, he develops a deep bond with this Anglican priest that would last far beyond the Camino. From Santiago to Santiago, this pilgrimage did not stop there. For him, it goes on, and will continue to go on long after the walking has ended.