TALBOT Lynn K. , TALBOT Andrew - Following the Yellow Arrow.

Année de parution: 2011
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(USA. Livermore, WingSpan Press. 2011) : "Younger Pilgrims on the Camino". récit (en)

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  • Novembre 2013
    TALBOT Lynn K. , TALBOT Andrew - Following the Yellow Arrow.
    par Bernard Delhomme

    Following The Yellow Arrow : Younger Pilgrims on the Camino, edited by Lynn K. Talbot and Andrew
    Talbot Squires, is a gem of Camino writing, stories told by 21 young voices and bookended with an
    introduction and afterward by the editors, a mother and son who have walked the Camino together and separately. The essays contained therein are wide-ranging in style and content, though all are linked by the thread of placing one foot in front of the other to journey to Santiago de Compostela.

    The Camino de Santiago, famous for a thousand years, has drawn pilgrims from all over the world. They have come to celebrate their religious faith, to cleanse their souls, to resolve tensions in their personal lives, and to connect body and spirit. In this fresh contribution twenty-one writers share their adventures on the Camino, each looking for the revelation that has enriched their lives. As they hiked, they discovered answers to why they’d walked, what they’d learned, and how they’d changed. In this remarkable new book, the contributors - all of whom were pilgrims in their teens and twenties - reflect on the way the Camino allowed them to meet challenges, heal personal fractures, and connect with others. The essays they have written capture the spirit of the Camino with amazing fidelity.